Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm *exactly* like Anthony Bourdain. Except with Red Baron pizza instead of sheep testicles.

Me, on Twitter over the past month or so:
  • Joe T's is like the TARDIS of restaurants. #biggerontheinside
  • Also, If Jack in the Box starts sounding like a good idea, you've had enough.
  • Have just invented Naan Pockets. You're welcome, people who want to eat Indian food on the go. #NaanPockets
  • That is full of win! And also wine, probably.
  • "Pour some peas on my plate...in the name of lunch!"
  • My 21st: "All the beers, please." "Yes, sir." "And my free dessert." "I'll need to see some ID for that." picardfacepalm.jpg
  • Went to Mellow Mushroom and had Philosopher's Pie. Or, as it's called in America, Sorcerer's Pie.
  • Gave myself hipster mouth eating pizza for lunch today. #beforeitwascool

Klout, this morning: I believe you are influential about food.

Your move, Food Network.

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