Thursday, July 4, 2013


Today's news according to Good Morning America at our hotel breakfast:
  • David Hasselhoff is advertising some convenience store and singing about coffee.
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce's kid is some number of months old.
  • One Direction is on fire, apparently.
  • Some lady dry-rubbed a cock chicken yesterday and is putting it on the grill today to heat it up.
  • Egypt is still a country, I think? They breezed over that as fast as they could to get to the bullshit about famous people spawning last year.
Anyway, Happy Get Drunk and Blow Shit Up Day, Americans! May you have as many fingers tomorrow as you did this morning.

Just like your fireworks.

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Jennifer Manriquez said...

Jason almost lost a finger lighting sparklers for our daughter tonight. This post coulda been real creepy if things had gone just a little differently for him...
You can see the future. You are a warlock!!

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